9-year-old Donates Birthday Money

<p>Chloe Kennedy</p>

Chloe Kennedy

The Tri-Cities Cancer Center received an unexpected gift from a very self-less young lady last week.

9-year-old Chloe Kennedy decided she didn't want toys for her birthday.

Instead she wanted to make a difference for people suffering from cancer.

She asked everyone who was coming to her birthday party to help out - by giving her money - instead of presents.

Kennedy got nearly $400 and she took it all down to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center.

"I handed out the invitations and my friend said 'Are you sure? you're birthday's just supposed to be for you' and I said 'yeah I'm going to do it anyway,'" said Kennedy.

Kennedy's generous gift will go toward free hats, wigs and beauty services for cancer patients.