Feser to Set WHL Iron Man Mark

<p>Justin Feser</p>

Justin Feser

When the Tri-City Americans host the Seattle Thunderbirds tonight, Ams captain Justin Feser will play in his 312th straight regular season game, breaking the Western Hockey League record for consecutive games played, set by Dwayne Newman from 1988 through 1992.
Despite breaking a mark which has stood for more than twenty years, Feser remains simply a guy coming to work every day and doing his job the best he can.

"You go and play every night," Feser says. "If that means going through , playing through some bumps and bruises, being sick a little bit, that's what you've gotta do".

When you add in the fact that Feser is in the top five in league in scoring and routinely logs more ice time than anyone on the team, you wind up with a lot of impressed observers.

"It's something obviously not a lot of people can do, 300 games in a row, it's incredible", says Ams defenseman Mitch Topping.

"I've thought about it, every time I've stood here or somewhere else, I've been able to say 'Fes Go", I've really had to reflect on that this week'" says Ams head coach Jim Hiller. I've been pretty fortunate"

Just how long has it been since Feser missed a game? Since the streak started in January of 2009, President Obama has been inaugurated...twice. We've seen a winter and summer Olympics, and the NFL, NBA, and NHL have all had extended lockouts.
Through it all, Feser has let his play speak for itself.

"I've never really been a vocal guy, but playing hard is what I try and do especially being the captain and being a leader on this team," he says.

"He's not a cheerleader in the room by any means, but he does it on the ice, and we all follow, and he's arguably one of the most respected players in the league as a result," adds Topping.

Feser's description of himself though, remains much more simple
"Just a hard working player that loves the game and has as much fun with it as he can," he says.  Hiller says "you know he's been a great player, but I think he's a good dude, and you like people like that in your life "