A Party for Puppies



<p>Bands' Invite</p>

Bands' Invite

A Richland bar is going to the dogs tonight.

Well, sort of. Five bands are uniting to perform at Ray's Golden Lion in Richland with all proceeds going to the Benton-Franklin Humane Society.

The passion for animals all started with lead vocalist for the Mad Ruby Band - Craig Woodall.  He's from the area and organized this event. 

Woodall made a special trip to the Humane Society today, where a three-month-old German Shepard-Malamute female puppy was re-named "Ruby" in honor of his band.

Benton-Franklin Humane Society's fundraising coordinator Rozanne Tucker says she was impressed with Woodall's passion to do something worthwhile in the community where he grew up.

"We have named her after Craig's band Mad Ruby because he was so generous to do this event for us," said Tucker.

"Dogs have a certain unconditional love that they can give - and I think it's beautiful.  The way they can love you no matter what you do," said Woodall.

The five performers include Savage Sun, The Uplist, A Killing Dove, and DJ Nicfit.

The event begins at eight tonight and runs till about 2am. Tickets are eight dollars apiece.