Woman On Life Support Following Multiple Gunshot Wounds

<p>Majestic Theater</p>

Majestic Theater

A woman is on life support after being shot in the head outside of a movie theater in Union Gap.

Union Gap Police say it happened around 8:40 last night at the Majestic Theater on South 14th Street.

Police found 45-year-old Cynthia Kelly-Munzanreder on the parking lot ground suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Munzanreder was transported to a local hospital.

One general manager of a nearby business says he is shocked a shooting would take place in a public area.

"The guy had no regard for anything else because he chose a public place like that and just went out there and did it," said Hy-Grade Glass G.M. Cory Heater, "[it] doesn't seem like there was much hesitation. [You're] Not really safe much anywhere these days unfortunately... Especially in a public place like that. It's kind of scary."

Police say they believe the shooting is an isolated incident -- detectives are still trying to identify a suspect.