Ski Bluewood to Pause Operations Today

DAYTON -- Due to recent happenings with the weather and surface conditions on the mountain, Ski Bluewood will pause operations today (Sunday, March 3).

Managers stated on Ski Bluewood's Facebook page and website "We really don't want to have to do this, but safety must always come first."

At 6 AM today, a statement was released further explaining the situation at Ski Bluewood:

"As stated on the home page and phone lines, Ski Bluewood will suspend operations for today (Sunday, March 3).  Due to the recent weather happenings of warm temps and rains until after midniight...followed by wet snow and falling temperatures...we simply have a potentially dangerous situation with our overall snow surface conditions.  Whenever it is 50+ degrees in the afternoon hours...rains start and then continue until 1am....temps remain constant then start to rapidly fall as you start with a super-wet snowfall....and so forth.....well, this all leads to unvariable, sketchy and potentially hazardous snow conditions throughout the slopes.

It is always unfortunte to close at any time during the operating season, however, we simply look at this situation as hitting the "pause" button as we anticipate resuming operations on Thursday and beyond with our regular operating schedules.

No worries, folks, colder air and snow are projected to move back in and stick around for much of the coming week....and, there is still much winter remaining here at Bluewood, so we'll see you back on the slopes soon!"

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