Donut Hole residents start new petition

<p>Donut Hole Map</p>

Donut Hole Map

Residents recently annexed into the City of Pasco from Franklin County's Donut Hole are trying to get incorporated back into the county.

The new Pasco residents are working on a petition to change the boundaries of the Donut Hole to put everything back to normal before the annexation process began.

On January 1st, the City of Pasco annexed Area #2, which is the middle portion of the Donut Hole, in between roads 52 and 68 and in between Sylvester Street and Argent Road.

Many residents who live in the newly annexed area say they want to stay in the county.

This weekend, residents started collecting signatures for a petition that would give them the opportunity to vote on staying in the city or going back to the county.

"We strongly believe that we were not given the opportunity to vote on this decision. It was just crammed down our throats by the city council and the city manager. And no matter how much we opposed it and spoke up at the public meetings that we opposed it, it just fell on deaf ears" said Jan Tomlinson, who wants the boundaries changed.

Residents collected about 100 signatures this weekend.

Their goal is to collect about 1,000 signatures by May 1st, so a vote could potentially go on the August ballot.

Not all residents who have signed the petition so far want to go back to the county, but they say they would support a vote on the issue.

Pasco's city manager Gary Crutchfield, says annexing the Donut Hole has been part of a long term growth plan for the city for years.

He says both areas are part of one community.