Pasco Father Promises to Fight Back

<p>Mike Aguiree</p>

Mike Aguiree

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The father of a Pasco first-grader is promising to take action after his son was suspended from school for talking about a toy gun.

Mike Aguirre says his son, Noah, was excited about some nerf toy guns he got on a recent family trip.  But when he talked about them with his classmates at James McGee Elementary School, he was suspended for half a day.

His dad says something is not right with this situation, and he wants to take further action.

"We're very angry. We're very disappointed. My son is doing crappy - he's not happy, and he doesn't understand what's going on," said Aguirre.

The Pasco School District suspended six-year-old Noah last week - for not bringing, but talking about a toy gun at school.

In a letter the district said the boy had broken a discipline policy. But Noah's dad thinks they went overboard.

"The oversensitivity... I think it's just... I think it's time to move on," said Aguiree.

Two days ago the district took back the suspension.  And today district spokesperson Leslee Caul said the school followed protocol.

"I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of the situation due to student privacy issues but the building followed the process based on the initial information. Our schools must always take student safety as their primary concern," said Caul.

Aguirre, who is a La Grande firefighter says he and his wife recently moved with their six children from Oregon to Washington state for the quality of life. But they feel betrayed.

"We don't feel we got resolution. Even though the suspension was overturned, we just feel like the reason was just to cover the school system's butt," said Aguiree.

Aguiree also says his son and his family have been singled out, and that the district is simply trying to make a point. And in the final analysis he says this incident is far from over.

"We're trying to ask the right questions, but everything we do, it simply gets a roadblock. The next step is to try and talk to the PTA as well as the school board," he said.
According to the family, it was a six-year-old girl who told the teacher that Noah was talking about a toy gun.

And the girl said she felt (and this is a quote) : "her safety was threatened."

Since the Newtown, CT school shootings in December, school districts across the country have taken more extreme measures they say are keeping students safe.