Pot Licenses Could Cost More

(AP) -- A key lawmaker is proposing changes to Washington's new legal marijuana law that woud add additional licensing fees.

Representative Christopher Hurst of Enumclaw (D), who leads the House committee that oversees cannabis, says the state will be leaving "money on the table" unless it increases the fees required to obtain a license to grow, process or sell marijuana.

Hurst's bill would create a new "certificate" to be issued by the Liquor Control Board as a precursor to obtaining those licenses.

It would also require the board to set the price of the certificate and of the licenses.

Under Initiative 502, those interested in the recreational marijuana industry have to pay a $250 application fee and $1,000 annual renewal fee, but Hurst says those are too cheap.

This latest bill also would allow marijuana businesses to be located closer to parks, daycares and schools - 500 feet instead of the originally proposed 1,000 feet.