Fever prepares for first home game of the season

Fever Office

Fever Office

We're about 24 hours away from the first home game of the season for the Tri-Cities Fever, and staff members are busy getting ready for the big event.

Fever employees are selling tickets and organizing will call tickets.

They're also getting all the merchandise ready at the team store on the concourse.

This morning, employees tested out the video boards and sound system.

They say they're looking forward to tomorrow's game, but right now, they're just thinking about all the work they have to do.

"Pregame in the office is always interesting. Everybody's always asking us if we're excited, and we sit there and say, well, not really, not yet. Right now, it's just a matter of, we're focused on getting everything prepared for our sponsors and the fans that the excitement really won't hit until we've got everything prepared. I imagine tomorrow right around 4 o'clock, that's when it's gonna hit us" said Teri Carr, Tri-Cities Fever owner.

Tomorrow's game starts at 7:05 PM at the Toyota Center.

The Fever is playing the Nebraska Danger.