Hermiston students receive national recognition for school newscast

TV Production Students

TV Production Students

A group of Hermiston students receives national recognition for a school newscast they create each week.

Students in the TV production class (ALTV) at Armand Larive Middle School write, shoot and edit a newscast for students, teachers and community members.

The class meets every day, and they record a newscast every Friday.

Then, they put the video online each Monday.

This month, the students were honored by U.S. Education TV for having the best middle school newscast.

"I didn't think we'd win. Everybody's like clapping for these big schools, and then they say Armand Larive, and they're like, whoa, who is that? The whole room is silent" said Mandy McClatchy, 7th grade student.

"When we won, we we're all really excited and we started clapping and I think Mr. Doherty was really proud of us" said Jessica Sandoval, 8th grade student.

The students received $5,000 as part of the award.

They plan to buy some new equipment to make their shows even better.