Kennewick students stand up against cyber-bullying

Desert Hills Students

Desert Hills Students

A group of middle school students in Kennewick says cyber-bullying is a growing problem, and they want to stop it before it gets worse.

Hundreds of students at Desert Hills Middle School wore black shirts today to protest cyber-bullying.

The black shirts symbolize a blank computer screen.

Students say you should "black out the screen before you're mean."

They believe that motto will help students think about their behavior online before they post something that could be hurtful.

Today's stand against cyber-bullying was organized by the school's leadership students.

They say with new technology, cyber-bullying is happening more often, and they want people to stop so nobody else gets hurt.

"I see bullying as a big issue at our school. It's not so much physical bullying, it's more verbal and cyber-bullying. And so we don't want anyone at Desert Hills to feel bad or insecure about things. We want everyone to feel safe" said Tristar Davis, 8th grade student.

Leadership students at Desert Hills Middle School have stood up against cyber-bullying before.

But they say more people were involved in today's message than any other year.

Students say cyber-bullying prevention starts with awareness.

They say before you post something online, think about if it could hurt someone else's feelings, even if it seems like a joke.

March is bullying awareness month.

Students say throughout the entire month, they have had several discussions on bully prevention.