Local Gun Store Offering Gun Safety Classes For Kids

In just a few minutes, a room at Brothers N Arms Gun Shop in Ellensburg will be filled with parents and children ranging in age from 5 to 12.

They are all taking part in a free course on gun safety, and how kids should behave around guns when parents aren't home.

"Child safety's always been very important to us," said owner Peter Ross, "We feel that most Americans have firearms in their homes and sometimes they're not always locked up or sometimes kids just find them."

The two-hour long session will cover gun safety rules, and how children should handle the situation should they stumble upon a firearm.

The class will also include role playing scenarios to test what the kids learn.

We asked instructors, 'since they'll be dealing with children as young as kindergarteners, how young is too young when it comes to educating your children about gun safety?'

They say there's never an inappropriate age, in fact, the sooner the better.

"Children are inquisitive and they're going to naturally want to play with whatever it is they find," said employee Peter Gutting, "So teaching them what is and what is not okay to play with, especially around firearms is important at any age."

"They should start understanding kind of how they work, they're not a toy," said Ross, "They are something that takes a lot of responsibility and that somebody with the proper education should be using, not just anybody."

The two instructors hope these lessons will be spread throughout the community, and hopefully, throughout the nation.

"The youth in this country are really our next generation of shooters," said Gutting, "that's something that we feel is our responsibility if we are going to sell firearms, then we should also teach people how to be safe with them as well."

Employees at Brothers N Arms say they will be offering more classes for children later this year, including a youth rifle training course.