Blossom Festival Attracts Many Families

<p>Blossom Festival</p>

Blossom Festival

Almost 100 parents and their children are gathering at the Yakima Valley Museum tonight for fun and learning.

It's part of the second annual Blossom Festival, hosted by the Children's Underground.

Families are invited to take part in activities including painting, decorating flower pots, and puppet shows -- all while learning about the history of the Yakima Valley area.

All the money raised from admission and donations will be put towards improving the museum to attract more visitors in the future.

"I think that the Yakima Valley Museum is a hidden jewel that needs to get a little more life brought into it," said Sabra Nelson, "And that's the goal of this event, is to bring young families in and share this beautiful place with them, and in the meantime, learn a little bit while they're having fun."

The Blossom Festival runs from now until 8.