Early learning regional coalition receives $100,000

More young children across southeastern Washington may soon get the tools they need to be better prepared for an early education.

The Southeast Washington Early Learning Regional Coalition received $100,000 from Thrive by Five Washington.

The money will be used to bring educators, child care providers and outreach organizations like United Way together to identify the needs of children in our area.

Once those needs are identified, community leaders plan to raise public awareness so action can be taken.

"We know that kids that enter kindergarten ready to learn go on to graduate from high school, they're more likely to have a good education, live and work in a safe environment, have access to health care, and to be active, self-sufficient members of our community. And that's a win-win for all of us" said Beverly Weber, United Way.

Educators plan to focus on the needs of children in rural areas of our community.