Yakima-Selah Trolley Service May Return

<p>Yakima Trolley</p>

Yakima Trolley

Yakima city leaders will be meeting this week to discuss re-establishing services to Yakima Valley Trolleys.

The city council will vote on giving the department about $11,000-- that money would go towards repairing poles and wires and restoring trolley service between Yakima and Selah.

City Manager Tony O'Rourke says the city wants to to keep the trolley system in business in order to attract more people to the area.

"The trolly is a unique asset to the community," said O'Rourke, "We believe it's the oldest inter-urban rail system in America, having provided service at the turn of the century. So it's a great asset that we would like to see maintained.")

The city council will meet tomorrow night at 6 in Yakima City Hall.