UPDATE: Spokane police arrest Kennewick homicide suspect

<p>Grant Scantling</p>

Grant Scantling

After a day-long man hunt, Spokane police arrest a man suspected of killing another man this morning in Kennewick.

Spokane police say they have arrested 41 year-old Grant Wayne Scantling at a home in north Spokane.

Scantling had been on the run from police for about 10 hours since the deadly shooting took place inside a Kennewick home on East 8th Place.



Police from the Mid-Columbia to the Spokane Valley are searching for a man suspected of killing another man this morning in Kennewick.

Police officers are still investigating the fatal shooting, but neighbors in the area believe the incident is the result of a love triangle.

They say the victim and the suspect have known each other for years.

But recently, that relationship began falling apart.

Just after 7:30 AM, residents on East 8th Place in Kennewick woke up to an active crime scene on their small street.

"This was definitely a shock. Especially when you know both people involved" said one neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Police officers believe 41 year-old Grant Wayne Scantling shot and killed a 21 year-old man inside the lower part of a duplex at 520 East 8th Place.

The victim has not been identified yet, but police believe the two men knew each other.

"We have reason to believe that he knew the victim, so this is not a random situation" said Sgt. Ken Lattin, Kennewick Police Department.

Neighbors believe the shooting is the result of a love triangle.

They say the victim was having a relationship with Scantling's ex-girlfriend.

Neighbors who didn't want to appear on camera say the three used to be best friends, until the friendship started falling apart.

"Nobody thought it would turn out like this though. There's been problems across the street, we've had our problems with people across the street. But it's never been nothing that we'd suspect would happen like this" said the neighbor.

Police believe Scantling is driving a maroon 2000 Jeep Cherokee registered out of the Spokane area.

The license plate is 594-XDH.

Officers say you if see the car or Scantling, don't approach - instead, call police.

"The weapon was not recovered at the scene. So at this point, yes, he would be considered armed and dangerous" said Sgt. Lattin.

Neighbors who are still in shock over the fatal shooting say tonight, they'll hold their loved ones tightly, being grateful for the time they have together.

"Just kind of that lesson, where you have to appreciate every day you have" said the neighbor.

The Benton County coroner hopes to be able to release the identity of the victim later this evening.

An autopsy is scheduled to take place Saturday.