Dozens Gather to Remember David Childs

Dozens of people gather in downtown Yakima tonight to remember last week's homicide victim, David Lee Childs.

Friends from Central Lutheran Church help put on the candlelight vigil at the same location Childs was found dead -- friends sang and shared stories about Childs, who was best known as an avid shoe collector.

Organizers say the vigil was meant to remember the good things about Childs and to promote the importance of nonviolence

"When something like this happens, we want to rally together to say that Yakima is a good place to live, that we don't want fear to rule our lives into a place that could be considered a place of darkness," said Pastor Michael Scheid, "We wanted to bring the candles and bring some light into that darkness."

The prime suspect in Childs' murder, Armando Vieyra, is currently in custody on a one million dollar bail -- he will be arraigned in two weeks.