Congressman Doc Hastings Receives Award from Manufacturers

Congressman Doc Hastings receives an award while visiting Yakima today.

Hastings received the award from the National Association of Manufacturers, recognizing him for his support of local manufacturing companies.

He was also given a tour of the Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging Facility and had the chance speak with employees and customers.

Hastings highlighted the importance for manufacturers to stay local.

"Manufacturing is the basis of our economy, and unfortunately there's been a trend that a lot of our manufacturing has gone overseas," said Hastings, "I always like to stop in areas, especially local areas that support local businesses. Longview Fibre is one of those. We have a very robust fruit industry as you know and they supply a lot of the products for them."

Yakima ships almost 20 percent of washington states total corrugated box shipments.