West Valley High School Knowledge Bowl Team Wins State

<p>Knowledge Bowl Team</p>

Knowledge Bowl Team

The Knowledge Bowl team at West Valley High School in Yakima is celebrating after taking home the state's top award last weekend.

The team was crowned the class 2A champions, making it the first school in South Central Washington to win the title.

During the competition, the team scored the most points in the written portion out of all division classes, with 47 points out of 50.

Despite their outstanding performance, the team says it still has one weakness it needs to improve on for next year; math.

"None of us really like doing math in competitions," said team captain Jessica Rhodes, "so sometimes if the question is too hard, we'll just kind of be like, don't buzz in, let everybody else buzz in and we'll take a guess at the end."

"We only had 15 seconds to do it and it was where you had two trains on the same track going directly towards each other, you were given the speed of each train, and there was a swallow that flies in between two of them, and you're given the speed of the swallow," said junior Ryan Shean, "So you have to figure out the total distance that the swallow flies before the trains hit."

Prosser High School finished in second place at the competition, along with West Valley of Spokane in third.