Officers Take Part in Full Response Drill

<p>Crisis Response Unit</p>

Crisis Response Unit

Law enforcement officers in Yakima spend the day conducting a full response drill.

Volunteers from the Y-Tech Law Enforcement program and the Yakima Police Explorer Program helped simulate an active shooter and hostage situation.

Officers assigned to SWAT and Negotiations Units had the chance to brush up on their tactics and negotiation skills.

Officers say they try to hold as many drills as possible, in case a real situation were to break out.

"We try the best that we can within the confines of safety to make them as real as possible," said Sgt. Gary Jones, "Using non-law enforcement personnel as actors, using the real equipment that they may have to manipulate in a real situation. So that hopefully, when the real incident comes, we've mitigated a lot of those problems."

Officers also participated in an hour-long bootcamp training session.