Seahawks Wide Receiver Speaks to Zillah Students

<p>Golden Tate</p>

Golden Tate

Hundreds of kids at Zillah Middle School get a visit from a professional football player this afternoon.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate spoke to elementary and middle school students today to highlight the importance of eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.

Earlier this year, the school was recognized for it's work on the National Fuel up to Play 60 minutes Program, sponsored by the National Dairy Council and the NFL, which prompted a visit from Tate.

"They reached out to me, it was something I could relate to growing up," said Tate, "You know, to get to this level, this stage in life, you have to eat healthy, exercise and that's kind of the basis of what we're trying to get across to the kids."

Students also got the chance to take pictures with Tate and have their items autographed.