Memorial Service Held For Fallen Soldier

<p>Blanchard Memorial</p>

Blanchard Memorial

Crowds of people gather at the Stone Church in Yakima this morning to pay their respects for a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan last week.

A memorial service was held for Captain Aaron Blanchard.

Blanchard, a graduate of Selah High School and Central Washington University, was killed last week when his base was struck by missile fire in Afghanistan.

Governor Jay Inslee was also a guest at the memorial service -- Inslee says he had heard nothing but good things about Blanchard and wanted to honor his sacrifice.

"He was picked because of his leadership capabilities," said Inslee, "He's an old Selah Viking, that's where I raised my three boys. Trudy and I came over to honor his family, we wanted to embrace them and honor them."

"He wanted to fly, he wanted to protect those that are on the ground," said First Lt. Limwell Mangrubang, a friend of Blanchard, "He gave it all he got to make sure that everybody is free and happy."

Blanchard leaves behind a wife and two children.