Pasco police explain dangers of illegally tinted windows

<p>Tinted Windows</p>

Tinted Windows

Pasco police say they are seeing an increase in cars with illegally tinted windows, and they are warning those drivers to get their cars in compliance.

Officers have a new tool called a tint meter, that can show them if a window is tinted darker than legal levels.

Police say illegally tinted windows can create safety hazards for officers during traffic stops - because they may not be able to see inside the vehicle.

Darkened windows can also be dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross the street.

"Most pedestrians will look for eye to eye contact before they make an intersection or will cross the street, and so when a pedestrian can't see that eye to eye verification, it's unsafe to cross at that point, and they could be hit" said officer Kari Skinner, Pasco Police Department.

Pasco police are educating drivers right now on illegally tinted windows.

They plan to start handing out citations after May 20th.

A citation for having illegally tinted windows costs $124.