Richland residents report cougar sightings

<p>Outside of Tri-Cities Terrace</p>

Outside of Tri-Cities Terrace

Several Richland residents woke up this morning to find a cougar walking around the city.

A woman living at the Tri-Cities Terrace retirement home near the corner of Gage Boulevard and Leslie Road first spotted the cougar just after 8 AM this morning.

The woman watched the cougar from her third story room for a couple minutes.

At first, she thought it was large dog or cat.

Then, she called a friend over to look at the animal too, and they said they knew it was a cougar.

Richland police came to the retirement home to search for the cougar, but they could not find it.

Then, around 9:30 AM, another person a few blocks away called police to tell them they had seen the cougar.

The woman who first saw the animal told her friends exactly what she saw.

"She described it as tan colored, with a black tip on its tail, and it was just casually walking along, and then it stopped and stretched, it raised its tail over its back, and it had a big, long tail, and then it went a little farther and stood up on its hind legs and sniffed the bush, and got back down and just slowly walked into the woods" said Linda Dorsey, neighbor.

This isn't the first cougar sighting in the Tri-Cities.

Last May, a Fish and Game officer shot and killed a cougar in Kennewick which had climbed up a tree.

In April 2011, officers killed a cougar which had gotten into a home under construction in south Richland.

Fish and Wildlife officers also came out to search for the cougar today, but never found it.

They stopped searching around 10:30 AM.

Police have not received any calls since.