Hibbard Requesting Court Appointed Lawyer

<p>Matthew Hibbard</p>

Matthew Hibbard

The Kennewick nightclub manager found guilty of assaulting a Richland man last year is back in court toay.

Matthew Hibbard, the Jack Didley's bouncer convicted of assaulting Ben Ensign, said he still plans to appeal his criminal conviction, but can no longer afford his attorney's fees.

He asked the court to appoint one for him.

Hibbard was convicted of the third degree aggravated assault of Ensign just outside the nightclub on July 4, 2012.

Ensign sustained brain damage after he was tossed out of the nightclub.

Hibbard was sentenced to a year in jail back on March 8th. He will spend most of that time on work release

His attorney, John Jensen, steps down today.