Tri-City Regional SWAT Team gets new robot

<p>SWAT Team Robot</p>

SWAT Team Robot

The Tri-City Regional SWAT Team gets a new tool today to help keep you safe during dangerous situations.

This morning, officers unveiled a new robot for the SWAT team.

Police say the robot is very agile - it can climb stairs and SWAT team members can transport the robot by wearing it as a backpack.

The robot is remote-controlled, so officers can move it around dangerous buildings and other unsafe areas.

The robot also has infrared, high resolution cameras on it, so SWAT team members can clearly see what the robot is looking at.

"The bottom line is it's gonna keep our tactical operators more safe. It's gonna keep our police officers more safe. If you're the victim of a crime and you're inside a structure where the SWAT team has to enter, it's gonna keep you more safe. But even the suspects and the subjects that we contact every day, it's gonna make it safer for them, because it provides us with information, and information saves lives" said Cpt. Mike Cobb, Richland Police Department.

The robot cost $57,000.

HAPO Community Credit Union and Windermere Real Estate Tri-Cities donated the money to buy it.