Police Identify Homicide Victim

<p>Verenis Ramos</p>

Verenis Ramos

Less than a week ago, a home on the 600 block of North Fourth Avenue was swarming with police.

A neighbor told officers a rotting smell had been coming from the home for a number of days, and when he went to investigate, they found the murdered body of 28 year old Verenis Ramos.

"The sad part with this case obviously is that she had been murdered," said Police Captain Rod Light, "She was here, was had some unusually hot weather and obviously the neighbors started noticing something wasn't right by the smell."

Police say Ramos was found with a gunshot wound to the head Wednesday evening.

But the current obstacle for police hasn't been determining why she was in the home in the first place, but rather, how long she had been there.

Ramos' body was so badly decomposed, investigators initially thought she had been dead for about 2-3 weeks.

After further analysis, that timeline has expanded.

In fact, they now believe she had been dead for up to two months.

"We need a reasonable timeline to be looking at, whether it was a month, or two months, or three months," said Captain Light.

Officers say pathologists are currently working on determining Ramos' time of death.

"Once we get that established, then I think that we'll be able to move forward in terms of working the case up and identifying people of interest," said Captain Light.