State of the Cities

<p>State of the TC Address</p>

State of the TC Address

More than 460 business leaders enthusiastically cheer progress in the area at the 11th Annual State of the Cities luncheon during the Regional Chamber of Commerce meeting in Pasco today.

Top officials from Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and West Richland talked about the spirit of collaboration fostering growth for our area.

Kennewick Mayor Steve Young, Pasco Mayor Matt Watkins, and West Richland Mayor Donna Noski all spoke about the need for the cities to work together to ensure economic stability.

Mayor young said four years ago a decision made for the mayors to meet each month to talk policy and challenges, was a good one.

"That's turned into such a dynamic change in our community because as you can see with the acquatic center, we're working together - friendly, co-operatively, not challenging our boundaries, said Young.

"I think this is a golden age for the Tri-Cities, said Mayor Watkins. "We, by default, do things collaboratively that we didn't do even ten years ago. And I think that speaks volumes to what we are as a regional community."

The attendance at the luncehon was the largest to date.