Local Red Cross Volunteer Heading to Oklahoma

<p>Zonia Quero-Zaida</p>

Zonia Quero-Zaida

A Kennewick woman is packing her bags tonight and heading to Oklahoma tomorrow to help families affected by Monday's massive tornado.

Zonia Quero-Zaida is a Red Cross volunteer.

Tomorrow's trip to Oklahoma will be her 22nd deployment.

She's been volunteering since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005

Quero-Zaida will meet with families affected by the tornado and see what they've lost and what they need, and how the Red Cross can help.

She says with twelve to sixteen hour days, the work can be challenging, but very rewarding.

Quiro-Zaida adds, "Today is them, tomorrow maybe me. We are all one family. My husband and I, we migrated from different parts of the world. And this country has been very good to us. My children, all four of them, have been born and raised here. So this is home, and when something happens, we have all the responsibility to lend a hand to respond."

She's expected to be in Oklahoma for two to three weeks.