Longtime Pasco police dog retires



A Pasco police dog is retiring after spending nearly ten years with the department.

11 year-old Falko joined the force in August 2003.

He worked with K9 Officer Bob Harris.

The pair worked the graveyard shift together - searching for and tracking down burglary and robbery suspects, among other things.

Falko also lived with Officer Harris - the two spent just about every day together during the last ten years.

Officer Harris says it's a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye.

"Oh, it is difficult, cuz you've had somebody around you 24/7 for ten years, so yeah, it's difficult. But it's good for him because he's moving on and he's gonna retire in another house and basically be a dog for the rest of his life, so it'll be healthier for him. He'll live longer" said Officer Harris.

Falko will now live with Officer Harris's brother.

Officer Harris will get a new police dog next month.

Falko's last day of work was last Friday.