$770,000 in Grants Awarded Across Our Region

<p>Legends Casino in Toppenish</p>

Legends Casino in Toppenish

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants are distributed  to benefit local organizations in our area.

The Yakama Legends Casino awarded more than $770,000 in grants to 163 organizations -- it's part of the Yakama Care program and Community Impact Fund.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office received $230,000 from the casino -- it's largest grant ever from the organization.

That money will be used to purchase new survelliance cameras and equipment for 25 vehicles at the Sheriff's Office.

"[our] Officers are a little safer out there, so that we can show court and prosecutors exactly what went on during a car stop," said Sheriff Ken Irwin, "And protect the public a little bit better."

Sheriff Ken Irwin says those upgrades should be made within the next 3 to 5 months.