DOE: Only One Single Shell Tank at Hanford Leaking


The Department of Energy's Office of River Protection says that only one of the twenty single shelled tanks at Hanford that were showing decreases in their volume is actually leaking. 

Last February the DOE reported that six single shelled tanks at the site appeared to be leaking, but teh DOE now states that engineering evaluations have determined that the tanks' decrease in volume is due to evaporation. The DOE adds that the one leaking tank may be stabilizing. 

The following is the official statement we received from the DOE: 

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of River Protection tank farm contractor, Washington River Protection Solutions LLC, has determined that 19 of the 20 single shell tanks showing decreased liquid levels at the Hanford Site are not actively leaking. The one tank previously identified as leaking, T-111, appears to be stabilizing.

 The cleanup of tank waste at Hanford’s nuclear facilities and protection of the workers, the public, and the environment remains a high priority for the Department. We will continue to keep the State of Washington, Congress, and other key stakeholders apprised of the situation as we continue to monitor the liquid levels inside the single-shell tanks.

The DOE's report on its engineering evaluations can be read at the following link: