WSU Tri-Cities Engineering Students Test Their Skills By Racing Go-Karts They Built



Students at Washington State University Tri-Cities are testing out their engineering skills by racing go karts they put together themselves this semester.

The go-karts these student engineers built had to go through a difficult course, so they had to make sure that their karts that are built from scrtach got through every obstabcle and finished.

24 mechanical engineering and 14 electrical engineering students formed two teams for this annual senior project.

The modified go-karts had to complete several elements in the course.

The entire operation was remote control operated and students had to get the cart to weave through cones, come to a water gun range where a tiny hose on the go kart sprayed water to knock items, including a soda can off a wooden board into a bucket.

The kart then had to weave back through those cones and head back to the start line.

The students said all their years of studying came to use in this project and they really got to apply the fundamentals of engineering.