11-12-13, An Iconic Day for Newborns & Weddings





Today seems to be one of the most iconic dates of not just the year, but also the century, it's 11-12-13.

Some local people decided to make it a day to remember by tying the knot and a few newborns will have a pretty unique birthday.

"We got lucky having such a cool birthday," said Dasha Montgomery, new mother to Knox Thompson. "I told him to hang out for a while until this day, he's a good listener."

Knox is a bit too young to know his birthday yet but when he does it will be hard to forget as he is one of 7 babies born at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland so far on 11-12-13.

"11-12-13, hopefully he'll go on to do great things," said Matthew Thompson, Knox's father.

Mayra Ortega's daughter Kayla will make baby number 8 at Kadlec on this special day with a planned sea section this evening.

However, Kayla won't be the only one in the family with an iconic birthday.

"It's very exciting, I have a little boy that was born 8-9-10 so now my little girl is on 11-12-13," said Ortega.

These families aren't the only ones who will remember this day forever.

Jim and Sonia Brown decided 11-12-13 is the picture perfect day for a wedding.

The Brown's have been together for about 2 years and they say although it's a Tuesday, they wanted to make sure they read their vows today.

"Just because of the significance of the number, I mean it's easy to remember, there's not going to be any dates like this for a long time," said Mr. Brown.

Family members gathered in support of the special occassion and everyone agrees it there's no excuses for a forgotten anniversary.

"Oh he won't forget, he picked the date so he should be held liable," said Mrs. Brown. "He'll remember. 11-12-13 is easy."