Nursing Home Workers Rally for Better Wages

<p>Nursing Home Workers</p>

Nursing Home Workers

Dozens of nursing home workers line the streets in front of a Sunnyside nursing home this afternoon for a rally against Prestige Healthcare.

Prestige Care & Rehabilitation Sunnyside workers want better wages and a long term contract and it is obvious they are frustrated.

"We want better wages, competitive wages," said Sally Salinas, a nursing assistant at the nursing home. "A lot of girls here are working for almost minimum wage. For as much care as we do we want to give the quality care to our residents which we do but we would love to be treated just as equally with the pay."

After meeting yesterday for 13 hours without reaching an agreement with Prestige, about 30 workers showed up this afternoon to express their demands for what they call quality care.

They feel they've been spinning their wheels in negotiations with Prestige since last October.

The workers said they feel that they are being under valued.

Prestige Care responded by saying it is currently negotiating with local EEIU union leaders to reach an agreement.

Prestige took over ownership of a number of nursing homes in eastern Washington after Eagle Heathcare went out of business last year.