Former Tri-City American Talks About Surviving Testicular Cancer

<p>Shaun Vey</p>

Shaun Vey

A former Tri-City American player is back in town for the inaugural "Aware Down There" Men's Health Awareness Night with the Tri-City Americans tomorrow night.

Shaun Vey is a survivor of testicular cancer and today he's sharing his story at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation.

Vey played for the Americans from 2004 to 2008 and after battling testicular cancer earlier this year, he wanted to make it a point to raise awareness for young men to get checked out sooner than later.

Vey and his wife toured the cancer center today to learn what options were open to local people here battling cancer.

At the age of 25, Vey was diagnosed with testicular cancer in February and luckily, Vey caught his cancer early and was able to get rid of it in surgery.

Testicular cancer generally affects men between the ages of 15-34 and with early detection the survivial rate is 95%.

Vey said he wants to make young men aware, and encourage them to get checked out, especially because young men are typically embarressed to face this sort of disease.

"This is a young man's disease and what was really interesting to me is the people who die from this are really the younger men because they're the ones who don't want to talk about it," said Vey. "That's what inspired me to get the word out because it can really save lives."

Vey will drop the ceremonial puck at tomorrow's game and also take pictures with fans in exhcange for a donation to cancer center.

We'd also like to wish Vey and his wife the best of luck as they are expected their first child.