Gamers Lining Up For Next Gen Console



Electronic store employees in our region will have their hands full during tonight's Playstation 4 midnight launch.

Dozens of people are expected to line up outside their doors, some have already set up base.

The next generation system comes 7 years after the Playstation 3 was released -- it features vastly improved graphics and a more fluid user interface system.

One man says he's been waiting outside the doors of the local Gamestop since 9 a.m., waiting to be the first to get his hands on the system.

"First of all, it's bragging rights, you're first in line [yelling], 'aw yeah, I came out with my ps4!' said Julio Estrella, "Other than that, just the excitement, you get to see a whole bunch of people, converse about the likes and what-not."

Sony says it predicts over 3 million Playstation 4 units will be sold by the end of the year.

It isn't the only gaming console being released this month, in fact, Microsoft plans on releasing its new Xbox next week