Migrant Students Visit College

High schoolers in the migrant student program from Kennewick, Southridge and Kamiakin High Schools visit WSU Tri Cities to get some insight on applying to colleges.

A lot of the students in the migrant program could be the first ones in their families to attend  college and know very little about the process.

The program gave them a good idea about what colleges are looking for in the application process and what they should expect financially.

The students participated in two activities. In one they acted as if they were the admissions officiers reviewing applications. This gave them a better idea about how to write their own college essay. The second was a game show type of activity they called "how to pay for college". It taught students about the expenses involved and how they can realistically cover those.

Gianna Nino, a senior at Southridge said this program makes her feel like college isn't out of reach. "It is more of a holistic approach rather than just looking at grades or test scores it's very much how involved you, are if your family has had misfortunes or struggles they told us that it didn't matter. iYou can explain that and colleges look at everything about you not just the superficial".

One of the admissions counselors at WSU Tri Cities who participated in the program said they really want to let the students know that at one point the counselors were in the students shoes. That helped reinforce the idea that the counselors are there to help them.

The main goal of the progam was for the students towalk away knowing that is doesn't matter where they come from, college is possible for them.