Big Time Rusher

<p>Tony Picard</p>

Tony Picard

College football teams may have a big problem, in fact, he can be seen walking the halls of White Swan High School wearing his XXL football jersey.

Tony Picard may appear to fit the image of a standard lineman, however, he's actually the school's starting runningback.

The senior stands at 6'4, and weighs over 400 pounds.

"I've [rarely] Bumped into kids my size, I mean most of them are 150, 160, sometimes you hit a couple of 200 pounders," said Picard.

At 400 pounds, Picard outweighs any NFL runningback in league history.

He originally started out as the team's nose guard, but wowed his coaches with his ball carrying ability during a drill at training camp his sophomore year.

"They snapped the ball, and he plowed through and bodies were flying everywhere, and the place exploded," said head coach Andy Bush, "People were jumping up on top of him, even the guys he knocked down."

Using his size to his advantage, Picard led his school to the playoffs every year,

This season, he racked up over 570 rushing yards*, and 8 touchdowns*, guiding the school to an 9-3* record.

Tony's highlight reel from this season exploded on the internet, receiving over 2 million views over the past few days.

He's appeared on Good Morning America, scouting websites, and even national sports beats.

"You go out on the field, it's not the same as watching a smaller running back go out," said Picard, "People are looking at you like 'oh my God, this kid's got the ball.'"

Despite being in the national spotlight, tony picard says he's taking it all in stride, letting his game speak for him.

"Football to me is a way of life," said Picard, "It makes me happy just playing the sport and being on the field with my teammates."

Tony picard says he's already speaking to some college recruiters, but, he says he has always wanted to play for the Washington State University football team.


* - updates made to season statistics and season record.