Next-Gen Gaming Fans In Line (again)

Electronic store employees in our region will one again have their hands full during tonight's Xbox One midnight launch.

Dozens of people are expected to line up outside their doors, some have already started lining up just after noon.

The next generation system comes 8 years after the Xbox 360 was released -- the system brings improved graphics, as well as home entertainment apps.

One man says he bought his first generation Xbox system on launch night, and has made it a tradition since then.

"As gamers, we're really out here because we want to get it first, we want to be the first people to get the game system," said Trevor Obermeyer, "We wait in line all day, sometimes a couple hours at a time just to be the first one to get it, just to have it first."

Electronics analysts say they expect Microsoft to sell about 5 million consoles by April of 2014.