National Adoption Day

Today is  national adoption day in Benton and Franklin county and  you could feel the excitment surrounding the Benton County courthouse before you even stepped inside.

No one can blame these families for being excited, today is the day in which the newest addition to their families become official.

Dozens of people filed into the courtroom. So many that the crown was spilling out the door and into the hall.

The Dickenson family, who is finalizing their second adoption today, is excited to make it legally official but in their minds their daughter Daisy has been fully apart of their family for two years. "The day we get the girls we call "gotcha day" so we kind of celebrate that a little bit more. We go out to dinner. I've purchased some things for them up until they're the age of 21 from China when we were there, and they get the gift".

Something else that I learned about the Dickenson family is that their attorney Coke Roth adopted his daughter from China eighteen years ago.

When I asked him how adoption changed his life he said that when he looks back at the things he has done he is the proudest of that.