Returning Home

<p>Brit and Elma Hey</p>

Brit and Elma Hey

Elma and Brit hey are packing their bags along with a few Christmas gifts.

In just a few weeks, the couple and their teenage daughter will be flying out of the country to the Philippines.

Elma was born and raised near Palompon, one of the cities crushed by Typhoon Haiyan a few weeks ago.

"I kept crying, I [was] Really depressed, I [could not] Eat, especially when I saw all those people running around with no food," said Elma.

After watching coverage, seeing pictures of familiar places torn apart, and hearing stories from her family and friends, Elma and her family decided something needed to be done.

"I've got two brothers and sisters who are homeless right now," said Elma.

The Heys will be spending almost an entire month near Palompon, helping rebuild and resupply the community Elma grew up in.

Ever since word spread about their effort, organizations have been donating clothes and other goods to take overseas.

The Heys say they've even received donations from Filipino communities throughout our region, and they've opened up their trip to those who want to volunteer their time to go overseas and help in the relief effort.

"One of the better times to visit, I think, is when they do need you, as opposed to you just taking a vacation," said Brit Hey, "Helping them when they need help."

Elma says it was not enough for her to donate to a disaster relief fund, she'd rather see her money go to the people who need it most.

"I want the fund that I bring [to] Go to the right person, [however] Much we can get. I'm prepared to help those people who really-really need it."

The Heys say they will be leaving December 13th, and will be returning home January 6th.

The Filipino Community in Wapato also raised $10,000 over the past three weeks, that will go to relief efforts as well.