Possible Ban on E-Cigs?



The City of Yakima is considering placing a ban on a popular alternative to smoking.

The city's Public Safety Committee is planning on asking the city council to approve a request to draft an ordinance to ban smoking electronic cigarettes in public places -- and prevent minors from buying them.

Members from the city's public safety committee say they are concerned about the chemicals e-cigarettes release into the air.

One woman says she has used e-cigarettes before, her son currently uses them to help quit smoking -- she says banning them is unnecessary.

"E-cigarettes are cheaper, there's no smell to them, [my son] Is not outside on the back porch in the cold," said Janeen Bivins-Stewart, "They just seem to be all around so much better than the alternative."

There is no timeline on when the city council will be asked to approve the request.

If approved, the ordinance will be drafted by the city's legal department.