Cyber Monday Scams

<p>Cyber Monday</p>

Cyber Monday

For those of you who didn't want to get up early this morning to catch those Black Friday deals, or plan to go out tomorrow, there is always Cyber Monday.

With so many people expected to be shopping online, there are a lot a scams you needs to look out for.

A number of online blogs recommend only shopping on familiar websites, doing your research if you do purchase from a site you've never been on and never open an attachment from an email to make sure you don't download any viruses.

One local computer technician has a helpful hint to make sure you avoid those viruses.

"It's best to shop on cell phone apps or tablets because they are less vulnerable to viruses," Shawn Winget.

Winget also suggests using Visa or American Express gift cards so in case you are hacked, your credit card information isn't there to steal.

The national retail federation predicts a nearly 15% increase in holiday online shopping this year totaling $82 billion.