Create Your Family Tree

<p>Find Your Ancestors</p>

Find Your Ancestors

Have you ever wanted to know more about your family background?

A church in Walla Walla was offering people that chance today.

After nearly 12 years of research on her own, Barbara Hatfield finally started coming to the weekly "Find Your Ancestors" class at the church, which she said has opened up avenues to information she didn't know exists.

"You need to come in here with a paper trail and you start with you," said instructor Lois Addington. "The information that you know and the information you know about your parents, the information they can share with you while they're still living."

Addington said teaching this class is dear to her heart because she's adopted and when she first arrived to the church, a woman helped her find her birth family.

"That night she called me and said 'I have a phone number that may help you find your birth family.' So that took me on a little trip, it took about 6 weeks. I have sisters in Texas and aunts and uncles that live in Tacoma. It's been fantastic, if I hadn't come in here that would not have happened," said Addington.

People in the class have been able to build their family trees and find great granparents as far back as the 1800's.

"Both my parents are dead and it's just exciting for me to go back and see where i came from, I wanted to do this for my children," said Darle Smith, another student in the class.

The women also said every week they come in they find more information as more census data is released.

They said by doing the ground work now, it'll make it much easier for future generations in their family to learn about their family tree.