Faked Armed Robbery Suspect Pleads Guilty to 2nd Degree Theft and False Reporting

From the Kennewick Police Department-


Cinnabon case (Initially reported as an armed robbery by a Cinnabon store employee on December 28, 2012).

On September 26, 2013, in a Benton County Superior Court, Mirella Garza, a former Cinnabon store employee who made the report of being robbed, pled guilty as charged to Theft in the Second Degree and False Reporting.

The importance of this information is that the public be made aware there never was an armed subject or robbery in the Columbia Center Mall, as was reported by Ms. Garza. 

Ms. Garza’s false report cost the tax payers an incredible amount of KPD resources, with the initial call and response to the call of an armed robbery at the mall, and with the subsequent follow-up by detectives in the course of the investigation, and prosecution by the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office.