Bureau of Reclamation Truck Drives Falls into the Yakima River

<p>Truck in Yakima River</p>

Truck in Yakima River

A Bureau of Reclamation employee accidentally drove his truck into the Yakima River.

The truck was headed down a narrow road inbetween the river and N. Harrington road on the outskirts of West Richland.     

Benton County Fire District #4 and Columbia Basin Dive and Rescue worked together to configure a plan on how to safely get the truck out of the water.

Tow trucks called in from Yakima worked together to pull the truck from being on it's side to all four wheels on the ground andslowly pulled it out from the river.

One of the biggest concerns is fuel from the truck seeping into the river.

Dive and Rescue placed booms in the river to absorb the fuel.

The driver of the truck was not injured.

Crews are still trying to figure exactly what went wrong for the truck to end up in the Yakima River.