Life Skills Students Make Bracelets for Classroom Supplies

<p>Bracelet Factory</p>

Bracelet Factory

Life skills students at Richland High School are making bracelets to help out with classroom funds.

More than half a dozen students have been working to fill orders in their Bracelet Factory.

Most of the bracelets they've made say Bombers to represent the high school and a lot of the orders have come from the school's sports teams.

Life skills student teacher Scott Piippo came up with the idea to make these bracelets just two weeks ago.

He says it's a good way for students to put their motor skills to use.

Piippo says as soon as they walk into the class room, the students sit down and begin crafting.

Piippo says the money the students raise will go to classroom supplies and iPads for the students.

Jjust in the past two weeks the class has filled 50 orders raising more than $250.

If you want to place an order of your own, you can contact Richland High School.