Prosser woman opens fresh produce shop in Benton City

<p>Branches &amp; Vines</p>

Branches &amp; Vines

Residents in Benton City have a brand new, unique place to get fresh produce, after a Prosser woman opens up a new shop today.

Prosser resident Mary Smith has been dreaming and planning to open up her own shop with fresh produce for years, and today, her vision has become a reality.

Smith opened up Branches & Vines this morning.

The little shop on 9th Street is a farm store and gift boutique.

Smith sells seasonal fruits and vegetables from local vendors.

She also sells antiques, gifts, artwork, home and garden decor, even furniture.

Smith says she has always had a passion for farming - as she was raised on a farm in Wapato, and she married a wheat farmer.

She says she had the idea to open up her own shop in 2006, and says she's extremely excited to see her vision come to life.

"My husband and I had this vision. We wanted to make kind of a destination farm, and there's a lot of those going on right now. We had a pretty grand scheme of things, and I thought, ok, I'm just gonna take that vision and just bring it down a notch, or two, or three, or four" said Smith.

Smith's shop also sells some specialty food items like honey, jams, pickled garlic, smoked almonds and wheat berries.

Branches & Vines is open Thursdays through Sundays.