People in Kennewick Worried about Pink Water

<p>Pink Water</p>

Pink Water

People living in eastern Kennewick woke up to see that the water running through their faucets and toliets was pink.

One of those people was Bernie Vinther; he was concerned the water was contaminated and avoided any contact with it until he spoke with the city.

"I woke up and of course first thing, I went to the bathroom and used the toilet and i'm totally blind, I didn't know there was something wrong. My wife comes in and says, 'The water in the toilet is pink, are you okay?'" said Vinther.

The Vinthers were so worried about the odd colored water that was coming from every water pipe in the house, they didn't want to have a glass of water or even take a shower.

"We were worried that it could be a serious contaminent," said Vinther. "It was pretty unlikely but you can't tell, especially if it's just local."

Mr. Vinther really knew something was wrong when his dog was disgusted with the water.

"I gave the dog a bowl of the pink water and he sniffed it and licked it and didn't want the rest so I thought, 'maybe this is not so good,'" said Vinther. 

According to the City of Kennewick, an outage at the water plant left a valve loose causing too much of a pink colored chemical called sodium permanganate to seep into the water.

"It's something totally safe, it oxidizes organics in the water to make it taste and smell good," said Evelyn Lusignan, of the City of Kennewick. 

The area affected is the east part Kennewick just west of the city's water plant to approximately Washington St.

After hearing from the city that the water is not dangerous, Vinther feels a little better.

"We're all relieved and I've called some of the neighbors already and explained it to them in case they didn't hear it on the news already," said Vinther. 

The city has been working all day on flushing out the pipes to restore things back to normal.

The city said the water is now okay to drink and for anyone who still has pink water may just need to flush the toilet several times and allow the faucet to run for the water to clear out.

The city has also told us anyone with any questions about their water should feel free to have it tested at the health department.